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We vinify the
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We help you to develop your collectibles wine.

Extend your stories in a fine wine.

We vinify and bottle the best stories

VINIPOP develops, produces and distributes tailor-made wine solutions for licensing.

Movies & Series

We extend your most beautiful scenarios to continue writing history. 

Art & Culture

We create wines that will be the most beautiful reflection to your artworks, museums, books and cultural events.

Sports & Competitions

We bring the perfect ingredients for your supporters to share a convivial moment in line with your club or sport competition.


We also offer our services to develop your licensed wines around fashion, music, cars, etc.

Our ambition is to go beyond merchandising and create tailor-made blends and wines to extend your stories and fan experiences, based on our values.

Together with our partners, we respect all the values linked to wine, i.e. nature, the grapevine and wine-making.

We take care of the vineyards and the environment, while promoting agroecology in order to offer the best products with a sustainable approach to the land.

Innovation is in our DNA, not only in the winemaking process and wine development, but also in the consumption formats and the way we distribute our products.

Our process to vinify your world

01 01

Define the story

Working on the concept and storytelling to ensure the consistency of our product offering.

02 02

Develop the wine

We work on the ideal blend and design of the different wines in accordance with the concept and the story.

03 03

Distribute to fans

We sell and distribute the collections with an omni-channel approach, through our websites, marketplaces, restaurants/bars, shops, pop-up stores, etc.

Vinify your license

made easy

— Extends your stories with the wine

Some examples of our licensed wines

We have developed and we distribute the wines of the biggest players in the market.

01. Peaky Blinders - Saint-Émilion

02. Lord of the Rings - Saint-Émilion (Coming Soon)

03. Ella Fitzgerald - Saint-Émilion (Coming Soon)

& your wine coming soon 😉

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